WWF Confirmed Hits (1996) - Coliseum Home Video

Rating: 55

Tags: Wrestling - WWF - 90’s - Sports

Starring: Bret Hart, Diesel, Yokozuna, The Undertaker, British Bulldog, Goldust, Razor Ramon
Country: USA

MPAA Rating: NR

Studio: Titan Sports LLC. & Coliseum Home Video

Release: Holiday 1996

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The World Wrestling Federation and Coliseum Home Video put out some of the greatest collection tapes of the nineties. These tapes would contain matches that you didn’t get to see on television or pay-per-view. Today I am looking at WWF Confirmed Hits! A compilation tape that was released during the holiday season of 1996. I just picked this up on eBay for two bucks, let’s check it out. 


This is a collection of dark matches and matches from other events such as the ‘96 Royal Rumble and In Your House 5. Not necessarily the greatest matches or anything. But a respectable collection from some of the biggest names in the World Wrestling Federation at the time. The biggest match that the box art is highlighting is the Championship match between The British Bulldog and WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Bret “Hitman” Hart. 


The program is hosted by Doc Hendrix, the former Freebird, Michael P.S. Hayes. Who introduces the matches and provides commentary alongside legendary pro-wrestling commentator, Jim Ross. 

The first match is WWF World Champion, Diesel taking on the grizzled behemoth, Yokozuna. It’s a very short match-up. But I am a fan of both wrestlers. I was happy to see them do battle.

Next, we join a match for the WWF Intercontinental Title. The bout is between Goldust and Razor Ramon, and it’s already in progress. This is a much better affair. Goldust is a tremendous performer that goes so far into this very strange character. I love it. Razor a typical toxic masculine caricature that looks to put the beaten on poor Goldie. This looks like it’s also the first appearance of Goldust’s voluptuous valet, Marlena. 

The next match is a great one. It’s Bret Hart taking on his Brother in Law, The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. Our commentary is provided by Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler. This is a match from In Your House 5 out of Pennsylvania. You can tell you are in PA due to the large abundance of ECW chants. You can see how much of a master Bret Hart is in that ring. We are also graced with the presence of Diana Hart and Bulldog’s manager, Jim Cornette. Definitely one of the best matches I have on VHS.

Next is The Undertaker facing Issac Yankem DDS on Monday Night RAW. This is a rare match with Undertaker wearing a protective mask. It’s kind of weird looking. Paul Bearer is there, we get Vince and Jerry back on commentary again. Very nostalgic, but a forgettable match. Issac Yankem wouldn’t click with me until he became Kane.

Owen Hart, Yokozuna & Hakushi vs. Bret Hart, Razor Ramon & Savio Vega is the final match. A strange bout with some seriously thrown together teams. I appreciate seeing all of these competitors though. And it’s a good enough match. 

The end of the tape has Todd Pettingill hosting some tips and tricks for the ACCLAIM game, WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game. We even get a cameo from WWF Superstar, Bam Bam Bigelow.


These Coliseum releases are always great to have in a collection. They are the standouts from a better era of WWE. A time when they wanted to focus on showing what these individual performers could do. These original nineties releases always looked so smart too. I love the box art. If you find this one, pick it up. It’s definitely worth $5 - 6 bucks for sure. 


Ruthless People (1986)

Rating: 58
Tags: Dark Comedy - Conspiracy - Kidnapping - Revenge
Director: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker
Producer: Michael Peyser
Writer: Dale Launer
Starring: Danny DeVito, Judge Reinhold, Helen Slater, Bette Midler, and Bill Pullman
Country: USA
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Release: June 27th, 1986
Did Ya Know: Bette Midler claims that Danny DeVito called her twice after the premiere of this film: once to congratulate her, and a second time, twenty minutes after the first call, during which he and Midler both broke down in a nervous frenzy over how terrible the movie was, and how their careers were over. The film went on to become a box office smash.

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Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, and Judge Reinhold star in this uniquely dark comedy, directed by the all-star team of David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, and Jim Abrahams. Three filmmakers that were responsible for some of the funniest comedies of the eighties like Airplane and Top Secret. It was released in theaters on June 27th, 1986, and did fairly well with the critics. According to Wikipedia, the film grossed $71,600,000 at the box office. I am going to be looking at the Touchstone Home Video release that had come out the same year.


This screwball comedy revolves around a slimy businessman, Sam Stone, and his plan to kill his wife, Barbara. Things go awry when a couple, who had been wronged by Stone in the past, kidnap Barbara to extort money from Sam. However, this all seems to work in Sam Stone's favor and he has no intention of paying up. Not to mention that Sam's mistress has been planning to screw him over too. All these twists and we are still years away from M. Knight Shyamalan movies.


Danny DeVito is such a great comedic actor. He is always fun and this role is no exception. I found myself chuckling quite a bit. His Sam Stone character is a sleazy businessman that wants his wife dead, period. But somehow, DeVito brings a humanistic approach to the character that makes him almost sympathetic. It’s wonderful. 

Bette Midler, Judge Reinhold, and Helen Slater serve their purpose. Bette Midler does her best to be funny, but, unless you are a fan of her routine, it gets old really quickly. Outrageous is a good word for her character. Reinhold and Slater, on the other hand, are bland and leave a lot to be desired. Even Bill Pullman is very… mediocre. Not very memorable at all. 

This movie has a killer soundtrack. Very eighties. A lot of synths. The opening track is “Ruthless People” by a synth-supported Mick Jagger. It’s a good, radio-friendly, New Wave track that is complemented by the animated opening intro sequence. 


It's taken me years to get around to seeing this movie. However, I am very familiar with the box art. I can vividly recall the strange-looking duck masks at the top of the box. Something about them scared me. They were so... devoid of emotion. I remember staring at that cover and feeling uneasy. It's weird. But this film isn't off-putting or scary at all. In fact, it's hilarious. This is a great comedy of the eighties, that sadly gets overlooked. Much like a lot of these comedies that star Danny DeVito stars in. I can safely recommend this comedy to anyone looking for a good time. It’s a VHS that collectors might want to expand their collection into some more obscure titles. Make sure you get this 1986 release though, it has the best cover art.

Cover Art & Posters

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Above the Law (1988)

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Rating: 78

Above the Law
Theatrical Release Date: 1988
VHS Release Date: 1991
Distributor: Warner Home Video
Catalog Number: 11786
Running Time: 99 Minutes


Steven Seagal is a badass in this movie and he is definitely working in his prime here. Seagal portrays Nico, an Italian martial arts expert that had been recruited by the CIA to help aid special forces back in Vietnam. Fifteen years later, and Nico is now a Narcotics Detective in Chicago. He and his partner (Pam Grier) make a huge bust, uncovering a large amount of C-4 that’s connected to some CIA shenanigans.

Above the Law is an American action movie from director Andrew Davis. It stars Steven Seagal, alongside actors like Pam Grier, Sharon Stone, Daniel Faraldo and Henry Silva. It was released theatrically on April 8th, 1988 to mild reviews.

I’m watching the 1991 release from Warner Home Video. It’s a great copy. A high quality cassette with a good looking side label. The picture and sound are great. Although, a bit blurred.

Steven Seagal is a badass in this movie and he is definitely working in his prime here. Seagal portrays Nico, an Italian martial arts expert that had been recruited by the CIA to help aid special forces back in Vietnam. Fifteen years later, and Nico is now a Narcotics Detective in Chicago. He and his partner (Pam Grier) make a huge bust, uncovering a large amount of C-4 that’s connected to some CIA shenanigans.

This is one of those action movies that just feels at home on VHS. The hiss, the not-so-perfect quality, and the content all lend themselves well to the medium. They just don’t make movies with this kind of violence anymore. I have to recommend this to anyone that wants to start a collection. It’s a great eighties movie that looks cool on the self.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1980) - Henning Schellerup

Format: VHS

Release: 1990 StarMaker Entertainment, Inc.

Copyright: 1988 Magnum Entertainment, Inc.

ISBN: 1-56068-089-X

UPC: 092091920060

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Rating: NA

Catalog: 2006

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a dramatic thriller that was made-for-television, and had aired on the NBC network on October 31st, 1980. The film stars Jeff Goldblum in the lead role as Ichabod Crane. Also starring, Dick Butkus, Meg Foster, Paul Sand and James Griffith. The film was directed by Henning Schellerup. It is presented in Technicolor and recorded in QEP (Quality Extended Play). A shame that it doesn’t hold up. The picture is washed out and it feels very low-quality. The cassette has a running time of 98 minutes. It was released by StarMaker Entertainment Inc. in 1990, ten years after it had aired on television.