Will Rogers

The Headless Horseman (1922) - Edward D. Venturini

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While the story is timeless and the characters are classic. This particular telling of this tale falls a bit flat when delivering in the entertainment department. Albeit interesting, this silent horror/comedy from 1922 is just boring.  It is most likely the format. However, this was an unbearable viewing. The quality of the film was horrible, this definitely needs a face lift. 

Though this movie may be dry and boring, actor Will Rogers really carries the film. He does a great job as school marm Ichabod Crane. That isn't enough however, the other actors seem confused or sub-par. The effects were botched and not put together really well. 

There are 30 min. of the film dedicated to Ichabod Crane (Rogers) getting tarred and feathered. It is a waste of time watching those scenes. There are some saving parts to this movie though, even though the transfer from film to DVD is crap. You can tell this is a higher quality film grade. Its this way because it is the first feature photographed on panchromatic negative film, which was equally sensitive to all colors. Unlike the earlier film, which rendered blue skies and blue eyes as pale white.


  • Sleepy Hollow Corporation is the production company for this movie