Une nuit terrible

Une nuit terrible (1896) - George Melies


Georges Méliès does it again in the same fashion as Le Manoir du Diable. Albeit shorter than his prior voyage into horror film. This is at least a different story. Instead of this being a period piece, it appears to be a modern one. The film shows George Melies, himself, having One Terrible Night with a creepy, crawly, spider. 

The film is one of dozens of shorts released during the era that focused more on drawing crowds biased on technology rather than the plot of a film. It is still going to be a few years before Horror is fully shaped and functioning. If you are curious to see what film looked like in the 1800's then check out below where I have included the short

  • Georges Méliès stars as himself in this one man performance.
  • The Film is called One Terrible Night in English.
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