Twisted Souls

Spookies (1986) - Genie Joseph, Thomas Doran, and Brendan Faulkner

It's impossible to get a decent movie when you take two films and just squash them together. That is essentially the story of how this movie came together. The film started as Twisted Souls. However, according to the financial backer they didn't have enough horror. So they ended up hiring another guy to come in and add a monster in virtually every scene. 

This movie started out being directed by Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran. It basically is the tale of two sets of teenagers that arrive to a strange building surrounded by a strange cemetery. It was your usual tale of teenagers in a big hows with a few monsters. Then they brought in Genie Joseph and added even more. Like a haunted birthday party, a murderous cat-man, zombies, and an old wizard. It really became a smorgasbord of horror with a very thin plot-line leading it around. This movie is hard to summarize in a conventional way. It just packs so much. 

The most interesting part of this movie are definitely the effects. You get a ton of them here. The creature department must have been going nuts. Some effects were dumb like the Cat-Man. But others were pretty cool like the Spider-Woman. It just has so many creatures and plot devices that it becomes a bit overwhelming. The acting is obviously sub-par. I wasn't looking to this movie for a great deal of epic performances. What there is of a screen play also leaves a lot to be desired. 

Everyone loves terrible movies that are so bad it makes them good. This movie is no exception. If you are planning a party or wanting to find something to make fun of, this is for you. It has plenty of weird and under-produced scenes that are begging to be made an example of. Get your friends together and get ready to laugh but don't expect to be scared.


Genie Joseph


Thomas Doran

, and

Brendan Faulkner


Alec Nemser


Felix Ward

, and 

Maria Pechukas


Teen Survival Monster Movie


Twisted Souls



Did ya know...

Well-known underground comic artist Richard Corben created the poster art and video box for this film.