Steven King

Cat's Eye (1985) - Lewis Teague

Three tales of terror from Stephen King and company. Each with their own twists and turns. They call theses movies Anthology movies. You could put this in with Creepshow or Tales From the Crypt. I really like these movies because they have the ability to come at you from all angles. Not only that. The movie has a ton of cameos like James Woods and Drew Barrymore. This movie had just about everything it just didn't have the fear.

The first story is one of the most interesting. It stars James Woods in a role not too far out of his  Videodrome piece. Woods wants to quit smoking so he goes to an experimental anti-smoking place called Quitters Inc. They have... lets say... interesting strategies on the subject. This was probably the best story and most compelling. It felt original. Followed by a story of a compulsive gambler that gambles peoples lives. Then closing with Drew Barrymore as a little girl haunted by a goblin who does battle with her new found cat.

The last story has really awesome effects and the makeup on the goblin is really cool. The middle story wains and you cant really wait for the next story to start. The bread and butter of the movie has to be Quitters Inc. I heard they were going to try and remake this segment with Samuel L. Jackson. That would be really awesome, I would love to see it.

Good for Polly!