Stephanie Beacham

Inseminoid (1981) - Norman J. Warren

What can be said for mindless schlock pictures like this one. They were pumped out in droves during the eighties. Inseminoid!? give me a break! It sounds like some pre-pubescent teenage boys came up with the title. On the plus side the movie isn't horrible to look at and it has a decent amount of gore. If you can separate yourself from the political incorrectness, then you might have a perfectly decent Sci-Fi Monster Feature. 

A research team exploring caves on Jupiter accidentally awakens an ancient alien that rapes and impregnates one of the team members. She suffers from terrible shock and trauma, leading to a complete mental breakdown as her pregnancy accelerates faster and faster. Feeling threatened she decides to kill anyone she deems a threat. Can the rest of the research team survive or will they all become victims of


Apparently this movie had a million dollar budget. That's really shocking considering the outcome of the picture. The acting isn't phenomenal and the effects tend to take away from the scene, rather than add to it. In short, this doesn't feel like money well spent. It's not much more than a laughable cult movie with a flair for exploitation. 

I recommend this movie to those looking for movies that can entertain an entire party. It's a great movie to laugh at with a group of friends. Unfortunately for the director this movie didn't go off the way he would have wanted. But whats to be expected from




Norman J. Warren


Robin Clarke


Jennifer Ashley

, and

Stephanie Beacham


Exploitation Style Sci-Fi Monster Movie - Aliens


Jupiter Films


United Kingdom

Did ya know...

The bulk of the movie was filmed in The Chiselhurst Caves to enhance the production value, but resetting lights and moving cameras around the natural rock formations proved to be problematic and time consuming.
The story was originally supposed to take place aboard a spaceship, but they changed the location to avoid having to employ elaborate special effects.