Robert Hitzik

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008) - Robert Hiltzik

My roommate is a huge fan of this movie and he wanted me to watch it. This movie is a sequel to one of my favorite 80's horror's, the original, Sleepaway Camp. Return to Sleepaway Camp looks like it's trying to be a cheap B-Movie like the original. There are some really cool cameos most stemming from the original movie like Angela herself Felissa Rose. My favorite roles though go to Big Pussy aka. Vincent Pastore and Lenny Venito. It looks like they pulled a lot of actors from The Sopranos to act in this movie.

The protagonist/antagonist is a mentally challenged bully who is overweight and gets made fun of the entire film. He is friggin hilarious, he even has a terrible tagline that he uses all the time; "Your Ass Stinks!" he literally uses the line about 200 times in the movie and says it to every character.

Oh did I mention that the late Issac Hayes plays a chef! What original casting, the movie, I believe, was made after Issac left South Park. What a smart move to leave that show, that must of been paying him a bunch of money, and go on to play a chef in this movie! The death scenes are pretty cool though and pretty original. Death by shit filled joint has to be my favorite.

The more I think about it, this movie was almost certainly made terrible on purpose. It has some really funny parts and is a great movie to watch with a bunch of friends. I would highly recommend this movie for anyone that wants to put on a great group horror. Beers or Pot really enhance this film and make it almost too funny. The movie is not scary at all, so don't be swayed but it has enough gore to satisfy even the most hardcore Horror fan.

It was purposely made to be horrible and I think it is following on this new trend of "New Grindhouse" movies. It has horrible acting and a terrible story. This again is another movie where even multiple deaths can't shut down a facility where these deaths are taking place.

  • This movie is Issac Hayes's last movie (What a film to go out on with such a great career behind him)
  • The movie has many members of the Original cast including; Angela, Rickey, & Ronnie