Popcorn (1991) - Mark Herrier

Wow, this is a bad movie. But really who comes into a horror movie expecting great thespian heights! Popcorn is full of bad acting and even worse bad story! But it does have Mr. Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, oh and it had some really unintentional funny parts. The only problem that I have is, this storyline has been done before. A lot.

A group of high school students band together to reopen a theater and have a Horror Movie Marathon on Halloween, the proceeds going to the High School of course. One dude though, has it out for one of the students and wreaks havoc over the entire theater. Oh did i mention that the Movie Marathon is all 50's schlock horror with gimmicks; Mosquito is in 3D (with a giant mosquito), The Electrified-Man is in Shock-o-Vision with buzzers on the seats, and The Stench is in Smell-0-Vision!!! But I heard that you have to be careful for Possessor its the one that will kill ya!

I had fun watching this, of course I was a few beers in and could stand a movie this horrid. I would have to give Popcorn 4 out of 10. It tickled a few of my funny bones and really tried to scare me but just didn't deliver. Good try.

The director was in Porky's (that's right the movie with a dick in a wall)

  • This movie was filmed in Jamaica, the teenagers all listen to Reggae. 
  • This movie was disappointing financially. It was mostly shown at second run theaters. 
  • The title was tied to an element in the movie that was removed from the film.