Peter Christopherson

Broken (1993) - Peter Christopherson


Directors: Serge Becker, Peter Christopherson
Writer: Trent Reznor
Stars: Trent Reznor, James Duval, Bob Flanagan
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1993
Also Known As: The Broken Movie
Did Ya Know: Apart from the music videos for "Wish" and "Happiness In Slavery" that can be found on Nine Inch Nails' video compilation/documentary Closure (1997), the movie has never seen an official release, mainly due to the fear of the public mistaking the realistic violence for an actual snuff film. The videos for "Help Me I Am In Hell" and "Gave Up" on Closure (1997) were actually not included in the movie, but are alternate versions. It is a common misconception that the entire movie can be found on Closure (1997). Trent Reznor has hinted heavily that the movie will make it's way onto the DVD release of Closure, and clips from it were shown on the official promotional 'Collected' DVD released in May, 2005.

Trent Reznor and directro Peter Christopherson are some really sick people. Broken is one of the most disgusting short films (or long form music videos) that I have seen. The film pieces together songs and videos from the Nine Inch Nails album of the same name.

The movies realistic feel is what has kept it from getting an official release. From the opening with Pinion to the end of the short with Gave Up, this is one of the coolest music videos that i have seen in a long time. Peter Christopherson is a veteran who has worked with various artists ranging from Easure to Hanson and everyone in between.

The creativeness shown behind the camera is fun, he brings a lot of fresh ideas out. The video has a main story line with Nine Inch Nails videos interlaced. The main plot line follows a man who abducts a jogger and ties him up in a small room, where he tortures him and eventually kills him, consuming some of the parts. The film feels so real when you watch it and it is very cringe worthy. Weather its the work of super masochist Bob Flanagan (the victim of the torture machine in Happiness in Slavery) or the work of the torturer himself, you will look away at least once.

Fist Fuck