Friday the 13th: Part III (1982) - Steve Miner

Friday the 13th: Part III (68)

The third best Friday film in the series. It's also the first time he dons the mask!


Steve Miner


Frank Mancuso Jr.


Martin Kitrosser
Carol Watson
Petru Popescu (uncredited)


Dana Kimmell
Paul Kratka
Richard Brooker


Jason Inc.
Paramount Pictures

Release date

August 13, 1982


$2.3 million

Box office

$36.7 million

Friday the 13th: Part III  is a horror movie directed by franchise co-founder, Steve Miner. This film picks up right where Part 2 had left off. In fact, the film even recreates the ending of that film to introduce this picture. It was also known as Friday the 13th: Part 3-D as the movie was released during a 3D revival period in the eighties. This results in several useless scenes that have something jutting out into the camera. There is as awesome scene where a joint is being passed through the screen. 

The setting is once again around Crystal Lake. We have a similar group of victims/characters to the first couple of films. Young twenty something influenced by their loins more than their brains. They take up at Higgins Haven, a small cabin on the Crystal Lake. Former home of Chris Higgins. The location of a traumatic event in Chris’ life. It isn’t long before her group is running from a hockey-masked Jason or pissing off local bikers. And the whole thing is presented in glorious 3-D!

Part III was a smash-hit at the box office. It raked in over 9 Million on the opening weekend. It broke records that were already made by the original Friday the 13th and in, 2017, still holds the record of fifth top grossing horror movie opening weekend. This film was supposed to follow Ginny from Part 2. It would have followed in the same vein as Halloween 2 with Ginny trying to survive in a mental hospital with Jason. However, Amy Steel had declined the role and the entire picture was rewritten. 

This is a great Friday the 13th feature. It’s the first movie to feature the iconic hockey mask we all know and fear. It was apparently just chosen as a placeholder for a “better and scarier” mask. But it looked way too awesome. The cast is becoming a running gag. It’s always primarily the same group of characters running from Jason, just different identities and quirks. My favorite of the bunch are the stoner duo of Chuck and Chili. Both are hilarious. It’s a delight to have them on screen. A lot of gore is cut out of the film. The only uncut version exists on an early European VHS release. It has bloodier and more drawn out kills. But this one still gets your blood pumping. The excitement is still there. I highly recommend this to any horror movie fans. It’s one of the more entertaining Friday features. It also has a funky theme.