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Ouija (2014) - Styles White

Cliche supernatural event after event. This picture is far less than stellar than anyone could have hoped for. Especially one based on a board game. Every over stylized modern horror effect is on full display. From the strange supernaturally sped up movements of ghosts. To the high-pitched, generically creepy laughter of children. It's so predictable. So much so that some scenes seem downright stolen right out of other movies. They had problems during production and it shows. Re-Writes and Re-Shoots. However, they could have done much better. 

Emotional teenagers find an old Ouija board and play with supernatural forces beyond their comprehension. Or at least beyond the directors comprehension. They have a friend that was killed after playing Ouija by herself. So they try? Stupid teenagers. This predictable and tired format should have died out long ago. But year after year we are fed these very safe and family friendly horror films that do little to amaze. Most of these tend to be so dry and boring, the audience struggles to care and stay awake. PG-13 is killing the genre folks. 

Not that this movie doesn't have its charms. Lin Shaye makes an appearance and does a great job. However, underneath it all this is a giant commercial for Hasbro to sell more Ouija boards. Is this movie in the same realm as Battleship and the upcoming Monopoly movie? What a strange time we live in.

I cannot really recommend this to anyone. I hate these types of horror movies and we are seeing them pop-up all the time. I don't understand why these keep coming back. The reviews are always horrible and the quality of movie is garbage. Usually there are redeeming qualities in bad horror movies but this is just unoriginal drivel. I award this movie no points and my god have mercy on its soul


Styles White


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Did ya Know: 

Some cast members are said to have experienced supernatural occurrences since the production of the film Ouija ended. It is said to be influenced by the making of the film. The only thing haunting this cast and crew would be their reputations for being in this filth. 

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