The Mummy (1932) - Karl Freund

Now we get to The Mummy from 1932. Not to be confused with the Brendan Fraser comedy series that goes by the same name. No. This movie is one of those "Original Monster" movies from Universal Pictures. Carl Laemmle Jr. and Boris Karloff are responsible for the bringing this classic tale to the silver screen. The Mummy is a great old movie that was followed up by a ton of useless sequels. So far the movie has been remade a couple of times, once in 1959 by Hammer Horror and in 1999 with Brendan Frasier.

This film, starring the amazing Boris Karloff as Imhotep begins with him being resurrected accidentally by two archaeologists. In one pretty laughable scene, Imhotep who is newly risen from the grave, passes through a scene prompting one of the archaeologists to nearly die laughing. They try to stop him but Imhotep escapes into Cairo. Then posing as a modern Egyptian man, he finds two other archaeologists and has them begin to dig where his ancient lover was buried to unite the two forever!

An expedition digs up a mysterious box and sarcophagus, while out on an archaeological dig. In the sarcophagus they find the mummified remains of Imhotep. That is still a really cool name. Things lead to things and a goofy sidekick character summons Imhotep back from the dead. Cut to ten years later. The expedition is being called off and most of the team is returning to London. No one speaks of Imhotep's returning from the grave. A strange patron that looks like the Mummy leads the Brits to a new dig site. That of the princess Ankh-es-en-Amon. Now Imhotep, disguised as the patron is out to get his princess back and will stop at nothing to do so. Just about.

This movie is a true classic. The acting, the sets, this movie had it all. It even had KARLOFF! Boris Karloff's career had become so bloated by this time. Just one year after Frankenstein and he is being credited as KARLOFF only. That factoid is laughable. My only problem with this movie was the quick ending. They had quite the lead up that could have lead to an amazing fight but petered out and just went to credits.

Not really horror, but I am highly recommending it to anyone that wants a good tale. It has a good deal of suspense though-out and Karl Freund does a great job of creatively capturing some really cool shots. The story is really interesting too and holds your interest. Its really wordy and kind of drawn out in parts. I could think of a thousand ways that this would of been scary but it never really took those routes.

Director: Karl Freund
Producer: Carl Laemmle, Jr.
Writer: John L. Balderston, Nina Wilcox Putnam (Story), Richard Schayer (Story)
Starring: Boris Karloff, Zita Johann, David Manners, Edward van Sloan and Arthur Byron
Studio: Universal Studios
Release Date: December 22, 1932
Country: USA
Did ya know: The Film was shot in the Mojave Desert and Cantil, CA. This was Boris Karloff's biggest role after Frankenstein. The original film poster is worth $453,500.00