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Psychomania (1971) - Don Sharp

Psychomania is a product of it's time. A film that was created by a troupe of hippies that wanted it to be incredibly bad-ass. Only, the hippie culture and the outlaw biker culture always seem to run into this awkward wall. Scenes of light brutality are sprinkled with happy dancing and frolicking. It makes the picture odd. The pacing seems off a bit. Or maybe it was just suffering from an identity crisis.

This film is about a group of ne'er-do-well's that form the biker club known as The Living Dead. The leader Thomas seems to be a little odd. Apparently his folks know the secret to immortality. He learns that he must die and then he can come back as an unstoppable force. A force that knocks groceries out of old ladies hands, pushes strollers with their motorcycles, steals petrol, and shoplifts!

Thomas is killed, buried (lol), and comes back from the dead. So if it works for him it has to work for his mates, right? What kind of danger is this going to spell for the tiny town? Needless to say, his cohorts all kill themselves and then rove about as a destructive force out stealing gas and causing some mediocre crimes. Truly it is a strange plot. I would be lying if I didn't say it wasn't original.

The film is neat. It has it's moments and can pull you in. However, it looks really dated. If that kind of thing doesn't detour you from watching then you might be pleasantly surprised. Psychomania's main problem is it's indecisiveness when pertaining to it's theme. It should either be a gritty, grimy biker horror feature. Or a hippie dippy action romp. However, that appears to be my only real gripe.

When you watch this you have to take it all as it comes. It is corny. It is cheap. It's independent as hell but it makes up for it with creative charm. I recommend this to anyone looking for something different. If rare movies excite you than this might be right up your alley. 


Don Sharp


United Kingdom


Outlaw Biker Horror

Did ya know...

The London Times said that this movie was only fit to be played at an SS Reunion Ceremony.