Killjoy (2000) - Craig Ross Jr.

I had seen this one haunting video store shelves for years. It looked like it had been hashed out from a farm-league studio in a basement somewhere. I never really cared to pick it up. However, it looked perfect for the 31 Movies of Halloween. Finally, I am tapping into the Killjoy market!

Michael is a dejected loser that is in love with this girl Jada. However, Jada is off limits. She is currently in a relationship with gangbanger, Lorenzo. Michael apparently knows this and ignores the warnings from her thug boyfriend and his crew. This leads to Michael getting beat-up in front of Jada as a warning. But Michael doesn't let it go. Instead, he summons an evil clown from a doll to come and seek out Michael's murderous revenge. The clown is Killjoy. He's annoying and he drives a stupid ice cream truck that is actually a passage to another world. Killjoy's world. While seeking revenge, will Killjoy go too far with Jada?  

This movie has the lamest summoning sequence I have ever seen. Perhaps, the worst summoning scene in horror movie history. The antagonist, a hellish looking clown named Killjoy, makes incredibly lame attempts at killing these people in his world. The first few, there are not that many issues. However, as the movie goes on Killjoy just gets stupider and stupider. 

I couldn't even begin to tell you what was worse the horrible CGI or sub-par dialogue. Killjoy himself is annoying too. His laugh is the worst. It's so high-pitched and... just annoying. The quality of the movie was just horrible. It didn't appear as though anyone was trying. It looked amateurish and unfinished. The overuse of keeping the clown out of full body shots for half the movie was unnecessary.  

I can see now why I had been avoiding this for so long. It was really bad. Killjoy is pretty stupid in this debut feature. Surprisingly this spawned sequels, many of them. It's mind-blowing. This might be funny in a group environment but the laughing just kills it. Killjoy sucks. 


Craig Ross Jr.


Ángel Vargas

Vera Yell

Lee Marks

, and 

Kareem J. Grimes


Comedic Low Budget Supernatural Horror - Clowns




Full Moon

Did ya know...

Angel Vargas, who plays lead character Killjoy, was slated to reprise his role, but declined due to other projects. The role of Killjoy was instead given to Trent Haaga, who has played Killjoy since Killjoy 2.