Jeremy Paige

Jack Frost (1997) - Michael Cooney

This was another movie that had been haunting me from the video store shelves for years. Jack Frost was one in a slew of holiday themed horror movies that went straight to video in the mid-nineties. This was the "better" of the group. While it seemed intriguing to see a movie about a killer snowman, I should have known better. This is the same studio that had done Ice Cream Man in 1995. 

The serial killer, Jack Frost was being transported to his execution when the transport truck crashed. Frost started running away but was killed when a vat of acid spilled over his entire body, melding him with the snow on the ground. This turns Jack Frost into a murderous supernatural snowman that terrorizes the town of Snowmonton. People around town are dropping like flies and the Sheriff is purplexed.

This movie definitely has some issues with the budget. The effects are terrible. The snow doesn't even look like snow. It looks like oatmeal or something. The kid is also way to old to act the way he does. The murders are humorous. One woman has Christmas ornaments shoved into her face. It's pretty gory but like I said, the effects are terrible.

If I didn't make it clear enough, this is a pretty lame movie. However, it does have that tiny bit of cult charm but not enough to save it. The acting is just so phoned in. Just look at half of the deaths. They act as if they could care less about being there. Who blames them though. 

The comedy may be partially intentional, but mostly just happens. I love that a snowman without legs drives a police cruiser around town. This may not be the best movie but I think that if you are bored, it could be a passable thing. There are much better movies. But this passes. Barely. 


Michael Cooney


Jeremy Paige and Vicki Slotnick


Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel, F. William Parker and Shannon Elizabeth


A-Pix Entertainment, Inc.

Release date: 

November 18, 1997


United States

Did ya know:

This is Shannon Elizabeth's first acting role.