Jeff Schiro

The Boogeyman (1982) - Jeff Schiro


Jeff Schiro

The Boogeyman is a short horror film from 1982. It’s based on a story by Stephen King and was adapted into a 28-minute film by Jeff Schiro. It made its way around the VHS circuit before getting put into an “official” release on the Nightshift Collection, A VHS release in 1994 that included both films. This could be considered the first Dollar Baby, but Stephen King wasn’t paid for this like Frank Darabont did with The Woman in the Room (1983).

The film has a simple premise. Lester’s wife is dead in the shower. The police arrest him on suspicion since he already had a child die in his house in a suspicious manner. He tells the police it was all his fault. But he didn’t kill them. The police are skeptical. However, they send him to a psychiatrist. While at the Doctor’s, Lester offers up the killer, The Boogeyman.

The short focuses on Michael Earl Reid’s character Lester. He resembles a sickly-looking man that appears to be running a low-grade fever. Kinda like Thom Yorke of Radiohead. Reid does an amazing job being in such a short feature. It’s a really convincing performance. It’s unfortunate that the quality of this program is so bad. The production is high-school quality. The sound is muffled and terrible. It feels like an early treatment for Tales from the Crypt.