The Knights of Badassdom (2014) - Joe Lynch

The Knights of Badassdom is a low budget comedy horror set in the world of Live Action Role Playing or LARP. Previously made famous in the extra-medium buddy comedy Role Models. It feels very loose and has vague motives for its plot developments. While it serves as a passable movie for a group viewing. It falls short of the target it was aiming for. 

The film is about a group of thirty-something friends (Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, and Peter Dinklage) that live in a castle, play black/sludge/doom metal, and live-action role play. While attending a large LARP'ing convention, they get in over their heads. They accidentally conjure up a Succubus from hell in the form of an ex-girlfriend. They do this using a strange book found on eBay. Now they have to save the world and send this succubus back to hell!

It was painfully obvious that the money for this movie was spent more on the cameos, than it was on the actual production. This movie could be really well done. However, it comes off as a bit cheap and unfunny. I found a couple of good scenes but everything really just leads up to the ending. I will say that this movie has a pretty sweet fight scene with Dinklage. The satanic rituals and imagery is really low grade. It is the main anchor keeping this feature down. They should have sacrificed some of the cameos for better effects. It would have worked. 

I would recommend this movie to teenagers and young adults. It's fun, cheap, and some scenes could be considered "badass". The cameos aren't the greatest but they could drag people in. You have Jimmi Simpson, Summer Glau, Danny Pudi, Sean Cook, and a few other. Check it out if your going to have a party. It might get some laughs. 


Joe Lynch




Comedic Satanic Horror

Did ya know...

The main cast went through Live Action Role Playing sessions before filming and Peter Dinklage was declared the most successful out of everyone.
Disowned by director Joe Lynch after the film was delayed and re-edited by IndieVest.