Henry Rollins

Feast (2005) - John Gulager

Feast is a horror movie reject piece, produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Wes Craven through a short-lived bad idea, called Project Greenlight. The movie is a slapstick comedy/horror combo with some sort of All-Star cast. Henry Rollins, Judah Friedlander, Balthazar Getty, Duane Whitaker, and Jason Mewes are just to name a few. The movie is highly stylized and overly comedic. I think it was too much.

Bozo, Beer Guy, Hot Wheels, Edgy Cat, Tuffy, Grandma, Bartender, and Boss Man all frequent this bar out in the middle of nowhere. A few out of towners are in tonight, drinking and having fun, when a Hero and Heroine both come into the bar warning about a coming force of weird, deadly creatures. The rest of the night the group in the bar is holding up and trying to fight back against the monsters. All the while not ripping each other apart. These are all horrible people. No one that you can identify with. The Heroes are all boring and typical. 

The comedy is the problem here. This movie can't be taken seriously, even for a second. Shawn of the Dead did slapstick comedy/horror with class. This movie is really nothing but dick and fart jokes. It's dumb teenage humor that doesn't stick. It detracts from making this a good movie. If they left out the stupid jokes then this would be a solid horror submission. However, it is nothing more than an excuse to cash in on a few bucks. 

The gore is a plenty. You would almost expect it. Don't think this is a gore-porn or anything like that. Sure this movie has a ton of really disgusting scenes that just don't need to be put onto celluloid. However, they did use a lot of maggots. The action is really horrible. It made me motion sick. Just like in Transformers, I couldn't tell what was going on. I didn't know who was fighting who or what was happening. It felt like everything was so stylized and so "uber-cool" looking that the constant use of jump shots, confuses the viewers. I was. I still am. 

I say skip this one and watch something worth while. Jeepers Creepers was more entertaining than this nonsense and I didn't really like Jeepers Creepers. Check this movie out if you absolutely must. 

  • The role of Hero was offered to Mark Wahlberg, but he turned it down. Josh Duhamel was also interested but forced to drop out for scheduling conflicts.
  • One of several films that Harvey and Bob Weinstein took to their new production company, the Weinstein Co., after their separation from Miramax/Dimension Films in early 2005.
  • The original script for the film included a lot more action spots, but producers decided they had to be cut to fit the budget.