Slime City (1988) - Greg Lamberson

When i first heard of Slime City I got really excited. My enjoyment grew with the amazing opening synth theme. I came into it knowing that it would be low budget but that didn't even cross my mind. I just sort of... took it in and enjoied it for what it is. A cult classic from the eighties. A rare gem that prefers to stay hidden from the masses. 

The characters are likable enough to become invested. Alex is an art student that gets an apartment to "seal the deal" with his girlfriend Lori. The apartment building he moves into has some real upstanding characters. However, a Nick Cave wannabe and a biker skank seem to be the main culprits. The mucky biker chick seems to concoct this thick sticky ooze that the other tenants eat. They love it. It's pretty foul. 

The ooze is weird. It has odd effects. Although the initial effects are temporary, they could last for a lifetime. It makes your skin turn into a gelatinous substance and sends you into a murderous rage. At least that's what happens to Alex. He tries just a bit of the slime and is instantly hooked. It's very crack adjace. Kids, Don't do drugs. 

The tepid lighting and flaccid sound are enough to turn any casual viewer away. However, under the surface

Slime City

actually has something going for it. Now I haven't seen

Street Trash 

at the time of this viewing. However, I intend to at some point and 

come back to this and make a follow-up

. Many people have drawn comparisons between the two films.

Upon my viewing this time though I found this movie to be pretty fun and original. This isn't a quality movie but it certainty is entertaining. It's a very punk rock movie. I love the gritty-ness and hardcore feel. It's a breath of fresh air in this climate of family friendly PG-13 "horror" flicks. 

Slime City is most certainty gory. It is your usual bloody mess movie, verging on ridiculousness. It goes so far and beyond that it becomes revolting. It does a fine jobe of that. It encompasses the spirit of classic horror movies but delivers in a way that would make Lloyd Kaufman proud. I fully recommend Slime City. 


Greg Lamberson




Gross Out Body Horror 

Did ya know...

A soundtrack album feature 40 minutes of instrumental music by Robert Tomaro was released for the 20th anniversary of the movie. It feature the bonus track The Slime City Tribute Song by Holy Mary Motor Club.Lamberson is the author of the horror novels Johnny Gruesome and Personal Demons, published by Medallion Press, and the filmmaking book Cheap Scares! Low Budget Horror Filmmakers Share Their Secrets. He also created the popular horror entertainment website His personal website is