The Monster of Camp Sunshine or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nature (1964) - Ferenc Leroget

One of the dullest movies I have ever seen. I could pretty much leave it at that. Aside from it being dull, this hippy/beatnik/nudist film is weird and as important as an ant farting. The movie is of course X due to the nudity. However, it isn't a drawing point. It's pointless and boring. Nothing special. The antagonist is a goof ball that doesn't seem threatening even while he is killing people. 

The acting is horrible and the quality is terrible. The soundtrack is atrocious it doesn't fit a single scene. It sounds like I am watching this movie under water too. It has too many echos and barely any dialog. The dialog it does have is in the form of narration and dub's. It's horrible. 

It leaves me with nothing to say. 

  • Shadow of camera and cameraman cast on sunbather during nudist camp montage.