The Fly (1986) - David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg is the father of Body Horror. The genre that features creative ways of destroying the human body. It connects with the viewer on a level that makes you cringe and squirm. Almost as if you might be feeling the pain that the character on screen is going through. His films like Scanners, Videodrome, and The Brood are all equally as creative as this remake. However, this film is truly his masterpiece.

This is a remake of the 1950's original starring Vincent Price. Obviously, that version is much tamer than this. Instead of Price we get Jeff Goldblum and he does a fantastic job. Goldblum is a mad scientist of sorts that is obsessed with teleporting human beings between these two pod's that he had created. Time after time his experiments fail. He sends a chimp through and the chimp is, like, completely turned inside out. It's nuts. Some people that I watched this with got kind of sick when some of these scenes happened. Geena Davis does a great job as the love interest. She is so torn. It's wonderful.

The film is littered with gore spots and it makes it all the better. Just when you think that the movie can't be anymore disgusting, WHAM! You're hit in the face with an ankle being melted away by some acidic regurgitation. This is definitely not a horror movie for novices. If you can't stand the heat stay out of this kitchen. But if you do power though it. If you grab that brass ring and step up to the plate, you will be all the more entertained for it.

I highly recommend The Fly. It is a perfect feature from a fantastic director. It would be ideal to try and make it through a marathon of Cronenberg's work. This is a perfect topper. Totally gory, totally disgusting but totally disgusting! Check it out.


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Did ya know...

This was originally pitched to a young Tim Burton who had no interest in the project.