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Bloodwork (2012) - Eric Wostenberg

Bloodwork was neat. It had a neat little plot. It had a neat little cast of characters. It was neat. However, it was also really lame. Like, irritatingly lame. Bloodwork starts off promising and it feels like it might go down the same route as Hostel. However, multiple hangups and delays in the plot made me feel as if they were writing the script as they went. You literally witness this movie plateau and then stagnate right before your eyes. The ending is almost welcomed with open arms.

The film is about two broke Canadians that want to travel to Europe. Their main goal is to pick up a lot of chicks when they get there. The only problem. They are fresh out of money. One of the two have the great idea of signing up to become test subjects. They would receive $3100 bucks for their trouble. This particular experiment will require the bros to stay at a strange facility for a few days. At the facility they meet a strange array of characters. Some old woman, a drug addict, Eric Roberts makes an appearance at some point, a few girls, a weird doctor. Let’s just say that the experiment becomes a bit fucked-up.

The plot is really thin. It gets lost sometimes but mostly manages to reel itself back in. This seems to be what makes the movie suffer the most. Too many things seem to be going on. However, the film has a good deal of gore. Mostly medical gore like incisions, needles piercing the skin, etc. There is a beheading. If you are sensitive to that kind of thing then consider yourself warned. Oh, the go-home sequence is done really poorly and goes on for far too long. The whole movie seems a bit mismanaged and could have been executed better. Maybe the producers gave up on it a bit?


Eric Wostenberg




Medical Slasher

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Also known as Bloodworx and The Last Experiment.