Edgar Wallace

Chamber of Horrors (1940) - Norman Lee

Otherwise known as The Door with Seven Locks, this low budget but mildly entertaining feature is a surprising treat for those that can stay interested. It stars Edgar Wallace, Leslie Banks, and the lovely Lilli Palmer. The film takes queues from other horror movies of it's time but adds intrigue and mystery. 

The film is about a rich loony that dies and is buried with his riches in an elaborate tomb. The only way to enter the tomb is with seven keys that had been deposited all over the place. Various members of the family try to gain access to the tomb, but they are unsuccessful. That is until Judy Lansdowne from Canada shows up and starts sticking her nose in the case.

The horror element is very mild. It does however feature a few really creepy scenes, The fright tends to just come from the unknown in this piece. It has a lot of flaws. The film crawls and the acting is piercing. Edgar Wallace and Lilli Palmer turn in the best performances. 

I recommend this movie to hardcore classic horror fans. They will really appreciate the mystery and general horror in this piece. It will come off as boring and tedious to the casual fan. It's a good movie just a chore to get through. 


Norman Lee




Mystery and Suspense Horror

Did ya know...

Edgar Wallace reprises his role as a rich eccentric baron. Just like in the film The Most Dangerous Game.