Doug Jones

John Dies at the End (2012) - Don Coscarelli


Director: Don Coscarelli
Writers: Don Coscarelli (written for the screen by), David Wong (based on the story by)
Stars: Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 25 January 2013 (USA) See more »
Also Known As: Dave's Story
Production Co: M3 Alliance, M3 Creative, Midnight Alliance
Did Ya KNow: Director Don Coscarelli stumbled on David Wong's novel as a result of an email product recommendation: "True story: I received an email from a robot on, and it told me if I liked the zombie book I just read, that I would like John Dies at the End. I read the little logline, and it was just amazingly strange. I thought, 'Well this might even make a good movie.' Plus, it had arguably the greatest title in motion picture history."

This is a fun, original, and adventurous film and book. Don Coscarelli is a veteran horror movie director that is known for creating the Phantasm series. It's apparent that he is a fan of the base material, as he does his best to include as much as possible without getting it too full. It is definitely a future cult horror movie but one to be enjoyed by as many as possible. 

Best buddies John and David are modern day Hardy Boys with some next-dimensional shit going on. They both experiment with a strange drug that some Jamaican guy gives them at a party. It allows for these realistic hallucinations that allow them to drift through dimensions. Next thing you know crazy flying worms and exploding faces are everywhere. It's nuts. Reality is flipped upside down and it's looking like these two are going to have to save the world. 

I was really impressed with this movie. I had read the book a few months prior to the film's release and couldn't put it down. Since the movie's release I had viewed it several times. I am a fan of it. If you are a horror movie fan then you will love it. Coscarelli's elements are all there and they mix so well with the source. 

If you liked Phantasm then you will be pleased to know that Angus Scrimm makes an appearance. The cast is all fantastic. Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes do a great job as the leads. Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman, and even Doug Jones round out the cast admirably. It is really well done for having a small budget.