Darryl Marshak

Cataclysm (1980) - Phillip Marshak, Gregg C. Tallas and Tom McGowan

Cataclysm (31)


Phillip Marshak, Gregg C. Tallas, Tom McGowan


Philip Yordan


Darryl Marshak

Also Known As

Nightmare Never Ends

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I had come across Cataclysm while browsing IMDB. The box was intense with cover art that looked a bit suspect. A giant blood spattered swastika with some crazy lady screaming while stabbing some smiling corpse looked interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, that interest just doesn’t carry over. It’s a shame too since Richard Moll from TV’s Night Court had been featured. 

The movie focuses on Atheist writer, James Hanson and his wife Dr. Claire Hansen, on a trip to Las Vegas. They are visiting Vegas to sightsee and promote James’ book “God is Dead”. Claire has been suffering through these bouts of nightmares and it worries her. The secondary story follows Abraham Weiss, a Jewish Holocaust survivor living in New York. Weiss recognizes a Nazi called Mr. Olivier on television visiting Las Vegas. However, Mr. Olivier is in his twenties and this movie takes place in present day 1980. So how could that be? Mr. Olivier doesn’t age, he can control women, he has masses of money and he has hooves for feet. He is either Nazi Satan or at least some kind of Nazi demon. He just needs to be stopped. 

While this movie pulls off a few decent shots. It’s quality is far too cheap to enjoy. Cataclysm is very low-budget. Scenes are frequently out-of-focus and blurry with the dialogue dubbed in horrendous fashion. This movie has terrible line delivery. Like, the worst line delivery I’ve seen in years. Faith Clift was horrible in her role. Richard Moll didn’t do much better. His voice was just so damn bassy. I know he has a powerful voice but this dubbing made it ridiculous. Clift and Moll were the stars and unfortunately both were pretty boring. At least Richard Moll tried to act. Even if they couldn’t decide on what wig they wanted him to wear. Jeez the costumes are terrible. 

Skip Cataclysm. It’s not worth your time. Not unless you’re looking for something to make fun of. But even then you can find better pictures. I just can't get over how bored and lazy Faith Clift came off as. Richard Moll was horribly underutilized. The movie should have been built around him. But it was too disjointed to utilize any part of the story properly. Dr. Claire Hansen is warned about Mr. Oliver and is instructed to kill him. However, that whole leg of the story is half hearted and flat. It’s not scary. Most of the ‘scary’ scenes are dream sequences with soft lighting and a few filters. Take the time and watch a good movie like Devil’s Advocate or Warlock. Those are much better than this garbage.