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WNUF Halloween Special (2013) - Chris LaMartina

This movie is genius. I found this while browsing around on Shudder. Made to look like a VHS recording of a block of television on Halloween in 1987. This horror movie keeps the air light enough that it is a perfect selection for a playlist for a Halloween party. It's fun, it's creative and it has a great feel. I just fell in love from first sight. 

As I had explained above. This movie is presented as a block of television from 1987. It comes complete with commercials and bumpers for two full programs. The WNUF Evening News and the WNUF Halloween Special. The focus seems to be on the Halloween Special where special reporter and local goofball Frank Stewart, take a group of paranormal investigators and unlucky people through an actual Haunted House. Things go awry of course and something ends up killing off members of the crew. It turns out that Frank Stewart doesn't have long to live and it will all be caught on tape!

The films tension is broken up tediously by some of the best satiristic commercials i've seen since Grindhouse. Each one is directed by a different person, but they all have that authentic feeling. It's really not annoying in the slightest. Not if your a fan of that vintage television style. The film has it's really intense scenes saved for the final ten minuets while using more comedic scenes in the leadup. It ends up working really well. 

The movie had me going for a little while. I had to do some research during the opening WNUF news segment to see if that was even a channel. I wasn't unhappy to find out that it wasn't. It didn't end up ruining anything for me. It made me respect it even more. I even like that the creators of the movie tried to start a viral marketing campaign for it, leaving copies in a few areas. That's creative. 

This movie is pretty tame. It's definitely alright for teenagers but a bit intense for the younger ones. It's great for parties or just for a quick viewing to kill boredom. It's a little bizarre for a date movie so just be warned. If you have a weird partner than they might be into it. WNUF Halloween Special is another entry into the new Found Footage category of horror with movies like VHS. 

Initial release:

October 18, 2013


Chris LaMartina, Shawn Jones, James Branscome


1,500 USD


Chris LaMartina


Chris LaMartina


Chris LaMartina