Adam Wingard

You're Next (2011) - Adam Wingard

You're Next is a surprisingly good slasher paired with a good deal of dark comedy. The cast is made up of actors that seem vaguely familiar. I had seen the movie once before and hated it. I didn't like the twist and I thought it was too short. But this viewing was different. I actually appreciated it on this go around and found things that I liked.

A family gets together to celebrate a wedding anniversary at a secluded location. Everyone brings their significant others. Everything starts out pretty well. Then the human hunters in animal masks show up and start slashing everyone's throats. It's a good thing one of the guests knows how to kick some major ass. 

This movie was actually pretty great. Adam Wingard did a great job with a home invasion movie that has an original plot. The subtle humor and realistic approach made the movie palatable. The acting helped a lot, as did the gore. The killers were really cool. I love the static mask thing. This movie featured animal masks. A fox, A sheep and a tiger. Armed with crossbows and knifes these guys really meant business.

The music was great too. Some songs reminded me of Giorgio Moroder. The whole thing had a pretty great atmosphere and setting. Its the kind of movie that has a character that makes practical decisions. Our star Erin kicks ass and takes the reigns when the shit hits the fan. She is definitely one of the more bad-ass female characters. 

This mumblecore feature really makes an example of the genre. There are some really dialogue heavy scenes that cover up the small budget. Also, some of the acting was a bit transparent. It left me wondering why certain characters weren't picking up on the other characters obvious tells. But that seems to be my only few gripes. 


Adam Wingard


Keith Calder, Jessica Wu, Simon Barrett and Kim Sherman


Simon Barrett


Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, Wendy Glenn and A. J. Bowen


HanWay Films and Snoot Entertainment

Release Date: 

September 10, 2011


United States

Did ya know: 

Both Joe Swanberg and Ti West, who play eldest brother Drake and Aimee's underground director boyfriend Tariq are two prominent mumblegore directors, a horror genre in which You're Next (2011) is also included.