Go to Hell (1999) - Michael J. Heagle

Go to Hell is a low-budget comedy horror film from Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Films. It’s the directorial debut for  Michael J. Heagle and stars d-list actors, Jenny Bogosian, Paul Economon, Anthony Jewell, Liza Johansson and Jim Jorgensen. This movie is full of that cheap weirdness that seems almost expertly executed. What else would you expect from Troma? There are tons of these movies out there. Troma Pictures puts out a new flick almost monthly. At least it seems that way.

Dario Dare is a tabloid journalist for the National Examiner. He uncovers a plot to assassinate the pope. It sounds simple enough. But nothing is simple. Dare isn’t just a journalist. He’s also a former professional wrestling manager that fights off ninja demon warriors. Until his soul is stolen by one of the demons. Now he has to negotiate with Satan in order to get it back.

The film is set in Italy but the film-makers, in no way, try to convey that to the viewers. That is unless you count the character names. No one even tries to sneeze with an accent. It’s great. Not a single shit appeared to have been given. It’s cheap. But it still has some decent transitions. It’s not the worst Troma film I've seen. It doesn’t make sense but that really doesn’t matter. Sometimes it just becomes a bit hard to follow. Especially when the movie switches between genres quickly. Paul Economon is the best actor in the whole movie. His character, Cardinal X, seems to have been dropped into this movie from a far superior film.

It’s a dick and fart joke movie that just happens to have some horror elements. Some really terrible horror elements. When Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Pictures is attached you expect a certain level of grime. This movie delivered that grime in vats. It was inappropriate, crass and unrelenting. It’s hard to recommend Troma movies to people. They fit a very specific audience. This one a bit too bizarre for anyone’s introduction to the terrible land of Troma. I suggest that only seasoned fiends check out this picture. Maybe pair it with Terror Firmer or Evil Bong. In fact, do yourself a favor and just watch Spawn. It’s a relatable story.

Go to Hell (40)

What do you expect from a Troma release? It's an entertaining horror comedy!


Michael J. Heagle


Troy Antoine LaFaye


Carlo Besasie, Raymond P. Whalen and Thomas Berna


Michael J. Heagle, Raymond P. Whalen

Release date

October 16, 1999