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Disciples of the Crow (1983) - John Woodward




John Woodward

Disciples of the Crow is a 1983 adaptation of the Stephen King short-story, The Children of the Corn. This version had been written, edited and directed by John Woodward. It’s a short film that had been included on a VHS release with the Dennis Etchison adaptation, The Night Waiter. 

The story takes place in Jonah, Oklahoma. A town where the adults were murdered by the children in ritualistic fashion, to ensure a good crop of corn. A young couple hits a child on a highway out near town, he is killed in the accident. They take the body to the nearest town only to find it inhabited by children and teens. Young kids that seem to be following the influence of "He Who Walks Behind the Rows"

It's a decent short that is good even though it’s abridged. It doesn’t take place in Gatlin, but that isn’t too much of a problem. The music and the kids are the creepiest factors. The suspense builds to a crescendo in the final moments. There is no resolution, but it’s a fine film that’s effective in telling a creepy tale. Good imagery, good pacing. It’s a good short. Interestingly, the film features a young Gabriel Folse (Miss Congeniality).