Headhunter (1988) - Francis Schaeffer


Director: Francis Schaeffer
Writer: Len Spinell
Stars: Kay Lenz, Wayne Crawford, Steve Kanaly
Taglines: Black Magic. Pure Terror.
Genres: Horror
Certificate: R
Country: USA | South Africa
Language: English
Release Date: 17 October 1989

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Headhunter is a US/South African independent horror film that was released in 1988. It was directed by Francis Schaeffer and produced by Gibraltar Entertainment, a small distribution company that focused on low-budget indie movies. It focuses on Pete Giullani, a Detective in Miami that's hot on the trail of a serial killer. Unfortunately for him, he finds his wife cheating on him with another woman. And the serial killer he was chasing is actually a demon from South Africa!

The film was incredibly cheap and slow. I like the initial plot with the detective and the killer, but there isn’t much to the story. Some scenes are cool, but most just drag on. The acting is expectedly corny but goes over-the-top frequently. The quality is also an issue. Scenes are frequently blurry with muffled audio. No doubt a victim of being copied so many times. However, the audible soundtrack does have some pretty good tracks.

Headhunter is a slow-paced thriller with some horror-type elements. It almost felt as if the director was trying to make a low-key christian movie. Those with a lot of patience and interest in low-budget slashers might be interested, but it’s more of a collector's piece. Something that VHS collectors would seek after, but not a good product overall. I can’t really recommend this movie straight-up. Instead, check out better quality flicks like Dead Heat or Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh. Both leave this one in the dust