1990: The BRONX WARRIORS (1982) - Enzo G. Castellari

A FUN AND violent Wasteland Thriller!

Director: Enzo G. Castellari
Writers: Elisa Briganti (screenplay) (as Elisa Livia Briganti), Enzo G. Castellari (screenplay)
Genres: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Country: Italy
Language: Italian | English
Release Date: 22 April 1983
Production Co: Deaf Internacional Film SrL.
Did ya Know: This was Vic Morrow's last completed film before his unfortunate on-set death while filming Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983). In an eerily prescient scene that foreshadows his tragic death, Murrow's superior says to him, "If you don't get the girl by 11 o'clock tomorrow, I'll have your head!" Morrow's character replies, "We'll fly her in - in a helicopter."

1990: The Bronx Warriors is a 1982 Italian science-fiction, horror film from director, Enzo G. Castellari and producer Fabrizio De Angelis. The movie has stars like Vic Morrow, Chuck Zito, Christopher Connelly and even Fred Williamson, who is an awesome part of the production. However, it's the unknown Mark Gregory, that turns heads. The film is part of a trilogy made by Castellari that focus on this post-apocalyptic decayed society in New York City. Escape from the Bronx would be the sequel to this picture.

In the future year of 1990, The Bronx is a lawless “No Man’s Land” run by a criminal biker gang called, The Riders. Ann, the Heiress of arms manufacturer, The Manhattan Corporation, has given up. She is depressed and runs away into the violence fueled borough with little to no protection. Quickly, she runs into trouble, but luckily, is saved by the Riders. However, her father sends two officers in to infiltrate the gang and save his little girl.

Watching this movie makes it evident that the filmmaker was inspired by movies like The Warriors and Escape from New York. The post-apocalyptic setting and outrageously themed gangs are pretty on the nose. Even the plot that paints an outlaw biker gang as a “Good Guy Gang” trying to keep justice in an unjust society. It doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the movie. It’s just very evident.

The acting leaves a lot to be desired, but who cares. It’s hilarious. This movie knows it’s garbage and it makes watching it more fun. The costumes for the themed gangs are pretty cool, and the story isn’t abysmal. It’s a fun little movie that might leave you a bit surprised. This fits in with the movies I had mentioned above, and the classic, The Road Warrior. All of these features are streets ahead of Bronx Warriors, but this one still holds a bit of charm.