Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2 (1987) - Lee Harry



Director: Lee Harry
Producer: Lawrence Appelbaum
Writers: Lee Harry, Joseph H. Earle, and Lawrence Appelbaum
Starring: Eric Freeman, Elizabeth Kaitan, James L. Newman, and Jean Miller
Studio: Silent Night Releasing Corporation, Virgin Vision, and MCEG Productions, Inc.
Release Date: May 29, 1987
Country: United States
Budget: $100,000
Box Office: $154,323


Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2 is a Christmas themed horror movie from a filmmaker, Lee Harry, and producer Lawrence Appelbaum. Starring Eric Freeman in the lead role as Ricky Caldwell. With Elizabeth Kaitan, James L. Newman, and Jean Miller. Part 2 had a limited theatrical release on May 29th, 1987. However, it didn’t find traction until the movie was released on VHS and Laserdisc later that same year.

Ricky Caldwell has been in an insane asylum following the events of the first film. He spends the first half of the film recounting the events of the first picture. Complete with flashbacks and reshot scenes. The second half sees our man Ricky being let out of the medical facility. He tries to go straight and live a murder-free life, but that doesn't really go to plan. Ricky, acting out of a strange mix of psychotic amusement and an unhealthy fear of nun’s, dresses up as Santa Clause to wreak havoc all over town. His number one target? Mother Superior of course!

This sequel literally replays twenty minutes of the first installment in the series. A ballsy move for a sequel. It started out alright but just became too much. Apparently, budget cuts kept the original content very tight. The filmmakers were asked to basically re-edit the first film and quietly release it. A sure fire way to alienate any fanbase, but save as much money as possible. So it’s actually a pretty genius move for 1987.

The original bits that were shot for this movie were interesting. Some of the content was pretty good. I like Eric Freeman in the asylum talking to the psychiatrist, played by James Newman. It was over-the-top and ridiculous but that kind of thing fits the picture perfectly. Eric’s facial expressions and line delivery are what cult movies are made of. The infamous “Garbage Day” scene had become a huge meme, spiking the relevancy of this cult Christmas picture even more in the past few years.

Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2 is pretty much a direct-to-video sequel with a light sprinkling of Christmas. It has lower quality writing, acting, directing, and special effects. The movie has a few charms, but it’s nothing compared to the original. Which you happen to see a lot of when you watch this one. Weird. Part 2 tends to lose it’s way quite frequently and suffers as a result of that. The acting is so bland and mundane that you forget the actors. They become insignificant. It’s just a big boring blur with a really entertaining lead. Oh, Ricky is unforgettable in his Santa outfit. It’s straight-up ridiculous looking.