The Body (2018) - Paul Davis


Suprising thriller that goes full slasher!

Director: Paul Davis
Writer: Paul Davis
Starring: Tom Bateman, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Aurora Perrineau, David Hull and Ray Santiago
Studio: Blumhouse Television


Into the Dark: The Body is a horror film produced by Blumhouse Pictures and the Hulu streaming service. It was released on October 5th, 2018, and serves as the first entry to this project known as Into The Dark. This first episode is directed by Paul Davis and stars Tom Bateman, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Aurora Perrineau, David Hull and Ray Santiago.

A hitman, who had just killed someone, needs to transport the body of his victim on Halloween night. Left without a working vehicle due to Halloween antics, he is abandoned. However, three friends on their way to a lit “A-F” party, mistake the hitman and dead body for a costume and prop. They invite him to have just one drink, before helping him get on with his night.

I thought this was a good first outing for the Into the Dark series. The Body has some really bloody effects that are sure to please the gorehounds. It looked like everything was practical, but there might have been some minimal computer assistance. Either way, the killings were gory and merciless. If you like blood. This will be right up your alley. Tom Bateman was a cold and calculating killer. His presence as Wilkes the Hitman, is terrifying. The dynamic between Maggie and Wilkes is fascinating. Director Paul Davis did a great job of delivering scenes of sickening suspense spliced with drama and dark humorous comedy.