Honeymoon (2014) - Leigh Janiak

They say that you should really know someone really well before you get married. This movie is a testament to that statement. I wasn't expecting much. This was just a random find on Netflix. I can't say I was really that wowed. 

Honeymoon is about a young couple celebrating their marriage by having their honeymoon at a remote lake house. Things start to get weird when they are treated pretty hostilely by the strange locals that happen to share a strange past with our blushing bride, Bea. Paul suspects that something is going on when he catches his newlywed wife sleepwalking out in the woods. 

It's scary to think that the person that you sleep next to at night could be hiding a deep dark secret. You think you know someone well enough but what do you actually know? Are there gaps? This movie explores this relationship that was built

 without either spouse knowing enough. The wife has a past that is coming back and haunting them while they are on their vacation. It sounds like a wonderful premise and that's great and all. But, it doesn't really work when you don't give us some kind of pay off. It goes from being intriguing to frustrating really quickly. 

This movie does a great job of building the tension in this relationship. This is really the best part of the movie. The structure of the relationship is explored and it flushes out the couple really well. It just doesn't deliver with the terror or suspense very well. The ending feels rushed and doesn't give any real payoff. 

Check this movie out if you have some free-time. It's not amazing and there are far better choices but it's still mildly interesting albeit a little frustrating. I wouldn't recommend watching this with a date, it's not that kind of movie. It's to baffling.


Leigh Janiak


Rose Leslie


Harry Treadaway


Mystery Suspense - Cabin in the Woods




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Did ya know...

Leigh Janiak's feature debut.
Gross: $9,168 (USA) (17 October 2014)