Children of the Damned (1964) - Anton Leader

I came across this movie on Turner Classics. In a way it is a sequel to

Village of the Damned.

 Even if you hadn't seen the first movie it wouldn't really matter. This is presented as a stand-alone feature that doesn't acknowledge it's past. I couldn't help but feel that this all felt a bit unnecessary. 

Six kids all have telepathic abilities. They can control others, read thoughts, and preempt your every move. Kinda. They are all shuffled off to London by some stuffy British doctors that want to "help" them and study their condition. However, the kids start to revolt. They start making the adults do things, but mostly out of fear. The adults all seem to be afraid of what might happen if they decide to revolt. 

The final sequence of the film is the most entertaining. I liked the movie. The acting was the best part. 

Col Tom Llewellyn and Dr. Neville are the your two protagonists, blandly played by Ian Hendry and Alan Badel. The story leaves a lot to be desired. Especially following


but it does alright. 

This is an interesting movie to show friends. It doesn't do much that the original didn't already do, but better. I would definitely recommend the original to a newbie, but not so much this one. Check it out if your a seasoned horror fan. It's fun. 

Director: Anton Leader

Starring: Ian Hendry, Alan Badel, and Barbara Ferris

Style: Thriller Horror - Children

Country: United Kingdom


Lawrence P. Bachmann Productions