Carnosaur (1993) - Adam Simon & Darren Moloney

Carnosaur is a really weird Science-Fiction Horror film produced by Roger Corman and Co-Directed by Adam Simon and Darren Moloney. John Carl Buechler created the models and effects for the film. It stars Diane Ladd as a weird Mad Scientist. It's bloody, it's trashy, it's a Corman picture. Surprisingly enough, this film was very loosely based on a book that was released in 1984. 

I was expecting a Jurassic Park rip-off but didn't get one. Instead I got a really creative movie with obvious budgeting flaws. A Mad Scientist wants to release a virus on the world that will wipe out the humans and make way for her re-created Dinosaurs to live free again. However, one of the Carnosaurs breaks free from the facility that it was created in and wreaks havoc on the near-by small town.

I never had very high expectations for this one. But it's impressive. The effects weren't as cheesy as I thought they would have been. I had presumed a lot before actually watching this movie. I had seen it in the video store for years and never picked it up. I wrote it off as a trash picture and didn't think twice. I had no plan to watch it until I chose it by random. I am pretty glad that I did. This movie may be cheap but it has it where it counts. 

Carnosaur has a decent amount of gore and some really cool effects. It was shot fairly quickly but the models for the Dinosaurs were made over a longer process. It has some interesting facts to help propel the draw of this movie. For example Diane Ladd stars in this movie, while her daughter stars in Jurassic Park. The latter being released only two months after this film. Essentially mother and daughter are in competing roles. You get some nice cameos too. The most recognizable being Clint Howard, Ned Bellamy, and Frank Novak. 

I recommend this film. Do not just pass it up in the video isle (do they even have those anymore?) Make sure you pick it up. It's entertaining. It's bloody. It's got Clint Howard. What more could you ask for? It's not horribly cheesy but just cheesy enough. 


Adam Simon


Darren Moloney




Science-Fiction Horror




New Horizons

Did ya know...

The T-Rex skin took five weeks to create and fabricate. It was shot in eighteen days. This movie implemented practical effects like puppets and mechanics. It was all thanks to Horror Legend Jean Carl Buechler.