The Willies (1990) - Brian Peck

First off this movie would never have the ability to qualify for a PG-13 rating now-a-days. It is frightening. It's like a Nickelodeon horror movie. It has some really adult size horror, but can't shake that safe feeling that children's programming provides. This is an Anthology horror film that features a couple of different tales. These are always fun as they tend to provide some much needed variety. 

The film is about a group of kids, camping out and telling scary stories around the fire. They make reference to

The Goonies

and apparently Sean Astin is playing the same character that he was in that movie. Or at least that is what the rumor mill was saying. The kid's give us a lot of quick, short stories to kick it off. Surprisingly this is all part of a cold open that seems to take forever. 

They finally delve into some really bizarre tales. The first is about a scrawny, kid that has a problem with getting bullied at school. He discovers some strange, gargoyle-like monster hiding in the Boys Room. He also discovers that this monster has ripped the head off of his favorite janitor. He tries to find help, but one by one the Monster kills every intruder. It's actually kind of neat. 

The second feature is about this ass-hat of a kid named Gordy Belcher, that is obsessed with flies. Especially if they are dead flies. He puts the flies in a tiny diorama that he has in his basement. The flies are all set-up in these everyday life poses. It's kind of lame. He pisses everyone in town off with his dickish behavior, and kicks up a rivalry with a mad scientist of sorts

This movie isn't hurting for star power. Sean Austin, Jeremy Miller, James Karen, Kathleen Freeman, Michael Bower, Bill Erwin, Dana Ashbrook, Kirk Cameron, and even Doug Benson have a part in it. The writing and acting are all television quality but that doesn't take away from anything. The weirdest thing is the cold open. It's strange. And the individual scenes seem to go on for way too long and the plot just gets muddy.

The nostalgic factor really played a part with me here. I think I may have seen this when I was a child. It seems so familiar. I didn't expect much and I felt okay with what I had gotten. Others seem to really hate this movie, but I don't understand the hate. It's not the best so don't go into this expecting anything. Just watch it for what it is. A really weird early 90's kids horror movie. 


Brian Peck




Anthology Horror

Did ya know...

This movie is directed by Brian Peck who played Slag in Return of the Living Dead. James Karen was also featured in the Return... movies. Somehow, Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold from Growing Pains have a cameo in this movie. They reprise their roles from that show. Jeremy Miller also starred in Growing Pains
Gordy Belcher's school lunch consists of all the essentials for a nutritious Ghostbusters lunch: Hi-C Ecto-Cooler (a tie-in with The Real Ghostbusters (1986) animated series), Doritos (featured in the 2009 Ghostbusters (2009) video game), and Twinkies (featured in the Ghostbusters (1984) 1984 movie). - IMDB