The Invisible Man Returns (1940) - Joe May



Joe May


Cedrick Hardwicke, Vincent Price, Nan Grey and John Sutton


Dramatic Revenge Horror


Shooting lasted from October to December, 1939, released January 15, 1940. Vincent Price made this film right after James Whale's Green Hell (1940), which saw release one day before, on January 14.
Part of the original Shock Theater package of 52 Universal titles released to television in 1957, followed a year later with Son of shock, which added 20 more features.

This movie has an awesome opening title sequence. I have been looking for this movie for quite sometime and finally caught it. Really excited for the combination of Vincent Price, Universal Studios, and H.G. Wells. 

Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe, played by Vincent Price, is given the invisibility drug by the brother of the Invisible Man. He means to help Radcliff escape his fate after being wrongfully accused of murder. As the Invisible Man, Radcliff alludes the police but slowly succumbs to that horrible side-effect: Madness. It's funny that Vincent Price is actually just a voice for most of the movie. 

Vincent Price does a really good job early-on as the "new" Invisible Man. He adds a great deal of depth to the character. Of course Universal took this opportunity to really showcase their special effects. They did a really good job. Also, Universal makes sure to turn out quality films. This is really well shot, lit, written, and acted.

Universal Monster pictures are really good. They are usually always a quality product. They tend to lean more toward the dramatic. But they do not skimp when it comes to the horror. The best part is that most of these movies are appropriate for all ages. It adds to it when you can share these with young ones around Halloween time. If any films should survive and continue to be respected, it should be these Universal ones.