Humanoids From the Deep (1980) - Barbara Peeters and Jimmy T. Murakami

This is your standard old drive-in Creature Feature that has tons of gore and boobs. It's great if your in for a cheap thrill. This film goes right up along side any Roger Corman produced picture from the eighties. It's rumored that Joe Dante was approached to direct this movie but he turned it down. Humanoids from the Deep, also known as Monster, is a strange but forgettable piece of exploitation that failed to make it's notch in history. Don't let that detour you though. This is a really fun little film that doesn't fail to be entertaining. 

A small sea town in California is terrorized by some mutated creatures from the deep. They look like some sort of mutated fish, merman-thing. They seem to have one goal in mind and that is raping and impregnating the females of the town. Also the town is being taken for a ride by a shifty businessman and his new corporate cannery. Could this evil cannery corporation be responsible for the Extreme Creatures of the Black Lagoon? 

This movie is all that you would expect from a Corman production. Apparently, the Director Barbara Peeters was unaware of the amount of skin that would be shown. But critics have touted it as necessary. I have to disagree. The film could have been just as good without the copious amounts of breasts, but then what would set it aside? It has its place in the eighties as a Grindhouse picture and serves that reputation well. The acting is far below par. Even from veterans like Doug McClure and Vic Marrow. Except, you don't watch movies like this for the acting do you? 

A decent amount of gore. Tons of graphic content. This movie is not a kid's picture. The plot may seem a bit immature but believe me, it isn't for children. Think of it as an adult Creature from the Black Lagoon. I recommend it to those that are curious. If you have seen most eighties horror movies, there is a good chance that you haven't seen this. 

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Barbara Peeters


Jimmy Murakami




Exploitation Science Fiction Monster Horror

Did ya know...

There are only three Humanoid creatures seen together on-screen in the same frame throughout the movie. The production really only had one fully functioning Humanoid costume and two others that could only be shot from certain angles because they weren't as convincing. Use of such angles, as well as the editing, would help to create the illusion that there were much more Humanoids than just three for the climactic carnival massacre. Actress Ann Turkel once said why she chose to do this film: "It was an intelligent suspenseful science-fiction story with a basis in fact and no sex". However, with the filming of additional footage, the sex content changed.