Forbidden World (1982) - Allan Holzman

An Alien rip-off directed by Allan Holzman and produced by Roger Corman. What would you expect? This isn't a movie for everyone and certainly is not for the younger viewers. It's gritty and gruesome. It's a cheap eighties schlock picture and it's beautiful.

Pretty cheap space battles. Pretty cheap special effects. The sound keeps fluctuating. It's a cult movie from the eighties and it's part of what made that era great. An interstellar Law man visits a Research Facility where a crazy Mutant has gotten loose. The mutant loves "restructuring" DNA and pretty much melts its victims into a puddle of gelatinous goop. Insert a Mad Scientist and two girls that can't seem to keep any clothes on and you have this.

This being a Roger Corman movie, is most definitely full of innuendo and sex. That's a Corman staple. Which isn't a bad thing. It just makes the horror sleazier. It's fun. It has a terrible soundtrack, bad editing, and trashy effects. But something keeps drawing me in. If I have to say something about this movie, it's interesting.

The movie tries to force it's characters to be intellectuals and that is a major problem. All of the characters present the most obvious and basic solutions to the problems that arise. Not that I was watching this movie for quality. However, I would have liked someone to have consulted some real doctors before making this. This movie has loads of gore too. The gelatinous disintegrating bodies are really disgusting and pretty cool. The main monster is really lame but the gore more than makes up for it.

I recommend this movie to those that want a good cheap Sci-Fi adventure. If you aren't too bashful and can stand some graphic content then this is right up your alley. No prudish types need view. This wouldn't be for you. Corman is a legend in cinema. The films he produces may not be the greatest but they are definitely worth the watch.  


Allan Holzman




Sci-Fi Horror

Did ya know...

Dawn Dunlap's character was originally going to be played by a much older woman, an ex-Playboy Bunny. When Dunlap walked in to audition for the role a day before principal photography was to begin, director Allan Holzman pleaded with the producers to sign her for the part. They very reluctantly made a new contract for her.
This project was originally envisioned as an outer-space version of Lawrence of Arabia (1962) by Allan Holzman. Roger Corman told him that the budget would be far too high, so Holzman eventually decided he wanted to do an Alien (1979) ripoff. Corman agreed to that.
During the monster's death scene, it vomits up a viscous pink fluid. This vomit was made up of a material that burns skin on contact. The fearful FX technicians and the second unit director decided to build a wall made of garbage bags to protect themselves, and then stuck a camera through to film the monster's death.