American Psycho (2000) - Mary Harron

This movie is the PSYCHO of the modern world. Showing that anyone can be a psychotic ax-wielding maniac. A world of excess and vices. A perfect little picture of the fast lifestyles of the wealthy "Wolves of Wall Street." Lot's of drugs, lot's of women, lot's of reservations, and lot's of business cards. Patrick Bateman is a fantastic character. This movie is based on the book American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. It is an amazing read. Check it out if you haven't. 

This movie is about Patrick. Patrick is an investment banker that has grown incredibly bored of his everyday lifestyle. His joys in life come in very few forms. He is very organized. Down to very fine details. He loves music. He loves sex. And, he loves murder. This film follows Patrick as he spirals further and further out of control. Everyone around him is in danger. 

We follow him through his everyday life encountering friends and victims along the way. The movie has a very unique tone, that holds all the way through. The best word I can think of to describe it would be, creepy. It's dark and brooding. However, some scenes are really funny. It walks a really thin line but it does it so well. The soundtrack is phenomenal. Tons of great eighties music with a period inspired soundtrack.

The cast in this film is great! Christian Bale does an amazing job as Patrick Bateman. He is really creepy and brings out his inner Tom Cruise. William Dafoe appears as a really creepy detective. That guy is a great creepy guy. Jared Leto, Justin Theroux, Chloë Sevigny, and Reese Witherspoon all make appearances in this already star studded flick. 

It is really well done. I recommend this movie to anyone that just doesn't want to read the book. It's not as good as the book. But movies rarely are. This movie is extremely graphic and really brutal. It's not one to watch with the young kids. Sex, Blood, and Pop Rock are the themes here.


Mary Harron




Psychotic Slasher Horror

Did ya know...

The soundtrack for the film was scored by John Cale, with artists such as David Bowie, The Cure, and New Order. The Huey Lewis and the News song "Hip to Be Square" appears in the film and was initially intended to be on the soundtrack album, but was removed from the album due to lack of publishing rights. As a result, Koch Records was forced to recall approximately 100,000 copies of the album which were destroyed. Koch Records president Bob Frank said, "As a result of the violent nature of the film, Huey Lewis's management decided not to give the soundtrack clearance". Lewis' manager Bob Brown claimed that the musician had not seen the film and that "we knew nothing about a soundtrack album. They just went ahead and put the cut on there. I think what they're trying to do is drum up publicity for themselves". In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, Lewis stated that the violence in the movie played no part in the decision not to allow the song to be included on the soundtrack. He reiterated Bob Brown's earlier denial stating "It was in the USA Today and everywhere else. It said, "Huey Lewis saw the movie and it was so violent that he pulled his tune from the soundtrack." It was completely made up."In addition, prior to the start of principal photography, Whitney Houston refused to allow the use of her performance of the song "The Greatest Love of All" in the film and was replaced by an easy-listening orchestrated version. - FROM WIKIPEDIA