Hell Baby (2013) - Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon

This movie is an strange roller-coaster ride of comedy and horror. It stumbles through comedic scenes like a variety show on prime time Comedy Central. If you like Key and Peel, Reno 911, The Nick Kroll Show, and comedic shows like that, then you will really like this. It's a good thing I am a fan. 

This horror film is brought to you by Lieutenant Dangle and Deputy Junior. That is the most hook-worthy way to pitch this to friends. Robert Ben Garant started his film career back in 1992. He hadn't wandered into the horror genre much, if at all. However, he is incredibly seasoned. His long-time writing partner, Thomas Lennon, is no rookie behind the camera either. He has held positions in editing, producing, writing and directing. By the time he is working on this, he has already been a huge contributor to many comedy troupes and programs including Human Giant and the Upright Citizens Brigade. 

This movie is about a very expectant couple, Jack and Vanessa (Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb), that move into an incredibly haunted house. This house is falling apart with ghosts. Supernatural stuff happens all over the place. Not to mention the creepy drifter, F'resnel, that just happens to always be under-foot. Vanessa becomes entranced by the house, or some dog, or the pregnancy and starts some really evil shit. Jack has to call upon the Catholic Church to help in exercising his wife. The Church sends two bad-ass priests.

Demonic possessions, ghouls, creeps, ghosts, and Keegan-Michael Key haunt this movie and do a good job at it. From jump scares to creepy scenes, this movie has them all. So it has the horror side covered. It has more comedy than horror, so it should balance out and make for a killer date movie. Other comedic horror movies run into various problems quickly. The Wayne's have a lot to do with that. However, every now and then something awesome slips though and is made. This movie is further from 

Scary Movie

 and closer to Mel Brook's 

Haunted Honeymoon


in a good way. The cameos are non-stop. A ton of comedians from Kumail Nanjiani to Dave Holmes all make appearances. I really liked the Kumail character's punchline. It was hilarious. 

I highly suggest this movie. It's funny. It's scary. It's pretty well made. Like I said above. It's a great date movie. Very funny and just a tad bit raunchy. Maybe too much for really conservative types but smooth overall. 


Robert Ben Garant


Thomas Lennon




Demonic Possession Comedy

Did ya know...

Riki Lindhome was so comfortable with Lennon and Garant. She chose to do her introduction scene in full frontal.