Don't Go In The House (1980) - Joseph Ellison

This movie really pushes some limits. It came out in 1980 and earned itself a spot in the infamous Video Nasties group. This film has shades of Psycho and a great deal of graphic content ready to keep you up for the next few nights. The quality may be crap but the product is oh so good. Don't Go in the House is a quality horror movie.

The plot revolves around Donald "Donny" Kohler. A weak man with a mental condition, that likes to find women and torture them with a flamethrower. This is a response to his horrific upbringing. He keeps the corpses of the women that he kills in his home. He finds comfort in them and dresses them up and talks to them. His emotions change over the course of the picture and he starts to become more and more abusive to the corpses. It's strange but in a good way. 

This movie doesn't tend to pull any punches. The torching scenes are really graphic and intense. It's an overlaying theme that stays consistent throughout. This is a contributor to the reason that this movie is so good. It deals with mental conditions in a pretty strange way, that I fully approve of. The film is pretty dated. It definitely deals with homophobia in a negative way. But, it's a product of it's time. 

The acting isn't the best but it works and the plot is terrifying. In some sick and twisted way this movie actually delivers a good message against child abuse. I recommend this movie to those that want to get into the Video Nasties but don't want to watch something that will rush right over their heads. It's short and complete. 


Joseph Ellison




Psychotic Slasher

Did ya know...

The first video release in the UK was uncut. A following cut version was later unofficially approved by the BBFC. The film was not prosecuted as a 'video nasty' as the distributor assured the BBFC that this cut version would replace the uncut version.