Creepshow III (2007) - Ana Clavell and James Dudelson

Creepshow and parts of Creepshow 2 are classics. This movie is not Creepshow or even parts of Creepshow 2. This movie shouldn't even be under the same title as those others. It isn't on par. It doesn't belong. Tom Savini has said that he considers Tales From the Dark Side more Creepshow 3 than this garbage. 

This nightmare has a confusing plot that has interweaving story-lines and characters. It has a cartoon opener just like it's predecessors but it's weak and not very good. The individual stories are equally weak as they lack any sort of depth or plot. The acting isn't anything either. The first story is a great example of how the movie is as a whole. 

The first story starts out with Alice, a girl that hates her neighborhood, walking home. She complains about losing her licence as she walks down the middle of a street on her cell phone. Her father gets his hands on some strange remote control that changes reality. It tosses his daughter Alice into different realities where her family is African-American or Hispanic. She develops boils on her skin and arms. Her legs start to become bloody and infected. However, she doesn't react to it. Instead she is thrown through reality more and ends up turning into a rabbit. 

This movie loses control right out of the gate. People have commented on the writing. It is a common feeling that this movie was written in a very short amount of time. It doesn't ever go anywhere creative and leaves the viewer asking more questions than getting any answers. It is comedic when it doesn't need to be and tries way to hard to fit in. 

As a stand alone movie this might have been decent. However, as a Creepshow alum it makes for a really weak feature. There isn't much else to say about it. It has five different stories. It's lackluster and instantly forgettable. I say leave it alone and watch Tales From the Dark Side. 


Ana Clavell


James Dudelson




Anthology Horror

Did ya know...

Creepshow III, unlike Creepshow (1982) & Creepshow 2 (1987), has no involvement from either Stephen King or George A. Romero - the series creators. Unlike the King/Romero-helmed Creepshows, Creepshow III has CGI animation in place of traditional animation.