The Fly 2 (1989) - Chris Walas

The Fly has always been an intriguing story to me. My personal favorite, along with many others, is David Cronenberg's adaptation. The story combined with Cronenberg's body horror style makes for one hell of a flick. Very solid horror picture and very charming. However, this sequel has no charm. It lacks that flair that it's predecessor had.

Eric Stoltz stars as the son of Seth Brundle. A mutant genius with an accelerated growth that is manipulated by an evil corporation to continue his fathers work. Just as the first movie, Brundle and the other scientists working on the teleportation run into some problems. This makes for some really interesting use of effects. The gore does not disappoint. Also just like the first movie Martin Brundle is slowly turning into a giant fly. 

This movie really tries to deliver but falls just short of making it. I have no beef with Eric Stoltz's performance in this movie. He did the best with what he had. I see what the director was going for. He really wanted to marry the past two versions of the fly into one film. He combined David Cronenbergs world with nods to giant monster movies of the fifties. Chris Walas just didn't combine them very well. 

The effects in the movie are not that bad. Like I said above the gore doesn't disappoint. This movie has buckets of blood to feed it's thirsty fans. It even has an awesome Brundle-fly variation. With the effects being the best part of the film this measures up to be a good b-movie. Great for horror parties and getting together with friends. 


Chris Walas




Body Horror

Did ya know...

John Getz is the only person to come back and whine in this movie just like he did in the last. You heard me John! This movie had a memorable trailer that consisted of no footage. It just had a audio clip of a heart monitor. Mel Brooks suggested to Chris Walas that Daphne Zuniga play Beth Logan, after Daphne Zuniga starred as Princess Vespa in Mel Brook's 1987 "Star Wars" spoof "Spaceballs".