Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965) - Freddy Francis


Dr. Terror's House of Horrors is a fantastic anthology horror movie that explores some pretty unnerving and spooky tales. There is a star studded cast with a very Tales from the Crypt meets Hammer horror feel. This was actually made in a series of horror films from Amicus Productions.

Starring some really big names. The film has Peter Crushing as our antagonist. A traveling gypsy man that reads deathly tarot cards to unsuspecting travelers. This particular group of travelers is made up of Christopher Lee, Neil McCallum, Alan Freeman, Roy Castle, and Donald Sutherland.

The film has some really psychadellic inspired stories. Mostly the Voodoo installment. Roy Castle plays a jazz musician that steals a Voodoo chant for his own profit as he turns it into a really awesome jazz groove. This scene even features some quality Jazz flute.

Other installments that I enjoyed involved Alan Freeman battling mother nature and some vicious creeping vines. The other stars Christopher Lee as a snotty art critic that pisses off the wrong artists hand. Literally.

The movie uses good old suspense as an engine and that really propels this movie forward. It's interesting and has really good music. The timing isn't bad and each story brought it's own thing. As long as I am doing this project I don't think anthology horror movies will ever cease to entertain me.


Freddy Francis


United Kingdom


Anthology Horror

Did ya know...

Peter Crushing's make up was made to make him look like John Barrymore from Svengali. Tubby Hayes was booked to write the score but did not write anything and so was replaced by Elisabeth Lutyens.