The Rogues Tavern (1936) - Robert F. Hill

The Rogues Tavern follows the same tried and true path that its predecessors had taken. Another Old Dark House type movie that pits suspicion against wits. This one has a small twists and turns but ultimately ends up just like all of the rest. You get some pretty unenthusiastic shots of German Shepherds running up and down stairs and jumping in through a window. Other than that the movie is pretty boring. 

A group of people are stuck in an old hotel while a murderous dog roams the halls looking for it's next victim. This would be a cool premise if the movie wasn't so damn boring. What is with these movies? Why are they so dry and boring? The writing is horrible and the content is forgettable. I don't know why you would want to watch this but... whatever. Check out The Rogues Tavern for a taste of the Old Dark House-style. This movie is ripe with it. 

I don't want to keep regurgitating the usual gripe. I am just tired of the equation. It's the same thing every time. Group of people. Check. A creepy night, perhaps a storm. Check. An old dark building. Check. Uggh... I can't wait to get some variety in here. Give me the giant monsters and slasher killers! Hurry! 

I'm full of romance, must be this tavern, the fireplace. I feel so poetic, I could make love to a snowman.

  • When Mrs. Jamison (Clara Kimball Young) has her speech at the end of the film, a photograph of the younger Clara Kimball Young is visible behind her.

  • Australia has a uncut 70 minute version.

  • The tagline Weird Happenings In a Sinister Roadside Inn!