The Rawhide Terror (1934) - Bruce M. Mitchell

Western's were popular in the thirties. The Internet Movie Database lists only 14 horror movies from 1934 with 72 westerns. It was only a matter of time before there was a bleed over film. This is that movie. Horribly acted and produced. This forty-five minuet short felt like it had a great deal of potential. I felt as if the filmmakers were confused when they made it. The garb was a mix of modern-for-the-era-chic and western wear. It was pretty horrible.

A band of thieves and bandits take over a town and murder their way to power. They start with an innocent family and go from there. Years later, many of the members are being murdered in some pretty vicious ways by a killer known as 'The Rawhide Terror'. Riveting, no?  

The acting is oblivious to the nature of the scenes in which they were filmed. It's like the movie has no direction. Some of the actors would over sell their lines and the others would sound too nonchalant in the delivery. The ten gallon hats were ridiculous looking. They needed a serious continuity check in their wardrobe department. It was pitiful. 

The storyline was weird too. The family is killed and then we jump ahead ten years. You have two brothers from the murdered family that survived and the gang that killed them are all now citizens of the town. When the killer starts his frenzy the entire town gets up in arms. You would think that they would be happy that the gang is dying off but they aren't. Tons of things go unexplained or just sort of happen. 

Forget about this one folks. If anyone asks don't suggest this one. It's a bomb. Not even a good one. Like I said above this movie had real potential and could have served as an inspiration for a whole genre that barely exists. Well... I guess that's why pencils have erasers.

  • This film was begun as a serial, but, after a production halt, was converted to a B-western. Just as the main titles fade to black, one can observe, however, the beginning of a dissolve to "Episode 2, The Terror Returns."
  • The Rawhide Terror has no soundtrack aside from the beginning credits.
  • The tagline is  Action . . . thrills . . . mystery . . . romance! The movie has none of these elements.