Supernatural (1933) - Victor Halperin

Supernatural is the "unsuccessful" follow up to White Zombie for director Victor Halperin. Personally, this wasn't that bad of a movie. Streets beyond White Zombie. This one is entertaining. The camera work is neat and reminiscent of Dracula. The story is really well written and preformed as such. Carole Lombard does a great job in her roll of Roma even though critics seem to pan her character. I thought that if flowed fairly well but snagged in a few areas. Nothing that drives it away.

The movie is about Roma. A girl that is duped by a psychic into believing that he can contact her deceased brother. The psychic isn't the only antagonist at play. We also have Ruth Rogan, a bad to the bone Black Widow that has offed three lovers. Rogan is executed by electric chair and somehow possesses our young heroine. She then runs off with the psychic and begins her reckless and bloodthirsty life all over again!

The cinematography is fantastic. Really interesting and beautiful scenes throughout. They do a fine job of minding the detail in the work. Didn't seem daunting to watch and it looked pretty decent too. I recommend this one to anyone that wants to follow up White Zombie with another good horror. I understand everyone loves White Zombie, I am just not that into it.

Treat all supernatural beings with respect but keep aloof from them.

  • This was sold from Paramount to Universal in 1958. This was one of over 700 films. 
  • Carole Lumbard got in heated arguments with Victor Halperin during the filming of this. 
  • An earthquake struck during filming.