Troll (1986) - John Carl Buechler

Troll is not a bad movie. It's just not the best. It is really fun to watch with a couple of friends. You can call out and mock the cheesy lines, critique the special effects, and drink each time you see a celebrity cameo. This movie has plenty of them. You get Sonny Bono, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gary Sandy, and June Lockhart. Not a bad mix. 

Elaine in her first role

The film is a comedy through and through. The lead character Harry Potter Jr., yes you read that right, has stumbled onto the realization that his sister has become a Troll... more like a Troll has kidnapped her and is using her body to wreak its havoc on this small community. That sounds better. The movies main antagonist is a Troll-Wizard that has magical powers that allow him to transform his victims into weird pod things. These weird pod things, then expel an exorbitant amount of flora. This then creates a mysteriously enticing atmosphere that lures victims. These outworld-ly atmospheres are actually another dimension and young Harry Potter Jr. must enter this world of magic to save his sister. 

Troll has its flaws, major flaws, and the movie needs work all around. However, it did spark a great deal of interest with the character work. Director John Carl Buechler spent quite some time working on his Troll creatures, only to have the title of the movie drug through the mud with the introduction of the fairly under-achieving sequel, Troll 2. Dig this movie out for everyone to see around Halloween time. It is fantastic, exciting, and funny. You will not be disappointed.

Country: USA
Style: Dark Fantasy

Did ya know...
This is Julia Louis-Dreyfus' film debut. J.K. Rowling has repeatedly dismissed the allegation that she had stolen her idea for Harry Potter from this movie. There is a remake currently in the process. Maybe.